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Texas Beef
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Texas Beef is an integrated ranching, farming and cattle feeding business primarily owned by the W. H. O'Brien family, with headquarters in Amarillo, Texas. The family has been producing beef for over 100 years, spanning four generations, in the Texas Panhandle.

Texas Beef currently produces 200,000 cattle annually from two feedyards. Many of these cattle benefit from grazing the high protein native grasses on thousands of acres of prime native grasslands such as the
LIT Ranch. Texas Beef's farms provide many of the high quality ingredients required for a superior beef product.

Animal selection, combined with rigid quality controls and humane treatment of the animals, are the linchpins of developing premier beef products. You can find out more by contacting us about  how we plan to develop brands of beef that will shape the future of the beef industry and produce products for you.
  You can share the benefits of our commitment. The decisions we make today affect your eating experience tomorrow. Texas Beef's production processes are developed using live real time databases. We are constantly monitoring the animals we produce to assure they receive the best care, the best feed ingredients and the most humane handling resulting in stress free beef.

Today the family takes great pride in the production processes that allow us to use RFID identification for each animal to monitor and mine the information necessary for a quality beef product. The consumer can take comfort in knowing the people who produce their beef and the processes that contribute to the final product.  We are committed to delivering to the consumer the finest and most consistent beef products on the marketplace today. We know a stress free animal, properly raised and grazed, will translate into a wonderful eating experience.





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